A Scholarship for Redheads



Applications for 2012-2013 are open at:  scholarshipred.com



Hi Redheads!

I have been receiving a couple emails asking about the scholarship so I'll answer them here!

The 2010 Scholarship is over and we are no longer accepting applications for that. We have chosen a wonderful winner-Maddie Spilman. Head over to the winners page to check out the runner-ups as well. 

The 2011 Scholarship has yet to begin. This summer we will be overhauling the site - getting a proper domain name and everything (YAY).  We will also be changing the requirements for the scholarship slightly. There may also be an addition of a scholarship for Graduate School and up students.

 Everything should be up and running towards the end of summer, but check back here for more updates! If there are anymore questions please feel free to email us!

 Have a Great Summer Redheads!!! 

Past Winners

2009-2010 Winners and Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to Laura Grace, Our 2010-2011 Winner!

Welcome to the homepage. As a fellow redhead, during my junior and senior year I began my search for scholarships. Upon opening each webpage or book taken out from the library I was greeted with a similar statement: "There are scholarships out there for everyone! There are even scholarships for Redheads and left handed people!". Well, with hope instilled in me by the scholarship authorities, I scoured the internet in search of the infamous Redhead Scholarship. Well guess what? My high school days are over and I have yet to find this scholarship. I even used my school's learning management system to try and find a scholarship to no avail. We are less the 4% of the world's population! Not even 2% of America's. Plus as it is a recessive trait we are slowly going into extinction! That must be deserving of some scholarship! 

 Well I thought as much and decided to help new generations of ginger-haired students by creating my own scholarship. 

The scholarship will be awarded to one person and be worth $250.  

As this is a new scholarship, not many people will know about it. So if you have discovered this page and plan to apply, your chances of winning are very high.  

Hey guys! We are featured on redhead-world.net!  

Read the article!


Congratulations Maddie Spilman on being the 2010 Winner

                              Maddie will be attending the University of Denver

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this scholarship just for high school students? 

Sorry college/graduate/continuing education student! This scholarship is just for high school students. We hope to add a scholarship for you in the future, but for now its only for high school students. 

Is there an application?

No. All of the info you need to send can be put into an email or a word document.

Where do I find this info?

You can find everything you need to submit on The Scholarship page. 

Where do I send everything? I need an address! 

The only address you need is on the How to Apply page and if you're too lazy to look there its scholarshipred@gmail.com. We don't want you to waste paper, so please scan everything and email it as an attachment. And help save the planet too!

Is this scholarship real?

Yes! We welcome your applications! Besides advancing education, we like to think we are helping beautify college campuses with red hair as well. 

I'm Strawberry Blonde, can I apply? 

Yes, your hair is just as unique as ours!  

You didn't cover my question...

Sorry, but if you fill out the form on the Contact Us page, we will be more than willing to help. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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